Pocket Watch Case Necklace with gears and gemstones Steampunk Jewelry

Pocket Watch Case Necklace With Gears & gemstones

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These handmade Steampunk jewelry pocket watch case necklace are exquisite. Steampunk clockwork lockets featuring antique watch gears, cogs and wheels encased within an antique gents pocket watch case.

This is a must have pocket watch case necklace

pocket watch case necklace victorian vintage 14k gold filled gears silver butterfly pearl opal (2)

pocket watch case necklace Victorian vintage 14k gold filled gears silver butterfly pearl opal

This is just a few of my pocket watch case necklaces. I have made many different pieces containing all types of crystals and gemstones. I also carefully pick a fine selection of antique brass and sometimes gold pocket watch gears to add to the assortment. If you would like to see more of my designs you can view my portfolio here or view everything available for sale at my steampunk jewelry store here.

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