Steampunk glass vial bottle necklace filled with watch parts & gears adorned with pearls, skeleton key, & dragonfly

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This handmade one of a kind, keepsake Neo Victorian Steampunk Necklace "Time in a bottle", features a large glass bottle vintage circa 1940, originally used for storing watch making materials.

The bottle has been filled with various antique circa 1890 to 1940, watch parts, cogs, gears, wheels and a vintage inspired, antiqued brass skeleton key.

I've embellished the vial with a beautifully detailed, hand formed to fit antiqued gold brass filigree cap, accented by a genuine pearl. All which have been attached to the original cork stopper.

The cork is securely fastened, keeping the contents of the bottle safe.

The bottle, a antiqued Victorian styled highly detailed dragonfly charm and filigree capped genuine pearl drop, are attached to an ornate antiqued brass toggle clasp, making for a decorative and practical way to easily wear the necklace.

A soldered antiqued brass beaded oval link chain, completes the necklace.

The glass bottle/vial pendant measures: 2-7/8 inches tall and just under 3/4-inches in diameter.

The length of necklace is: 22-inches.

If needed the chain can be shorten or lengthened further, just message me for details.

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Overview of Materials:

  • Antique watch parts
  • Vintage glass vial
  • Filigree
  • Chain
  • Vintage gears
  • Antiqued silver
  • Skeleton key charm
  • Pendant
  • Watch jewelry
  • Steampunk
  • Genuine freshwater pearls
  • Wire wrapped
  • Vintage watch movement parts

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