Blue LED Steampunk USB drive with glass vacuum tube & brass clock gears

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This incredible fascinating, Steampunk USB drive is a handmade one of a kind, modified flash drive.

Featured is a 32GB portable thumb drive that has been transformed in to a work of Steampunk Industrial art!

The main body of the flash drive consists of a vintage circa 1950 glass vacuum tube, that has been fit with brass hardware.

I've added an antique circa 1940,clockwork ratchet gear that I soldered to the cap of the drive, allowing the piece to be set on a flat surface easily and safely.

The brand new, 32 gig flash drive is well protected by a tight fitting, smoothly threaded easy release cover.

Once you place the drive into your computer, the glass vacuum tube glows a stunningly brilliant, blue which is made by an LED (No need to worry about heat), making this a fun and amazing way to transfer data.

This piece contains a high quality flash drive and is made from the finest materials.

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Overview of Materials:

  • Vintage vacuum tube
  • Brand new 16GB flash drive
  • Vintage watch parts
  • Vintage clock parts
  • Vintage clockworks
  • Solder
  • Blue LED light
  • Mens computer gadget
  • Computer USB
  • Brass Gears Cogs Wheels
  • Jump drive
  • Computer accessory
  • Laptop USB flash drive

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